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As a small business owner, marketing your HVAC service company is vital to your success. You make phone calls, take out ads on social networking sites like Facebook, ask customers for referrals, and send out seasonal postcards. If you go out to service calls without HVAC service labels, however, you are missing out on a huge opportunity. HVAC stickers help build brand recognition. The homeowner you visited for an AC tune-up when they moved in over the summer will see your sticker on the unit every time they are outside working in the garden or watering the lawn. That exposure builds familiarity … and trust. When they need service they are going to turn to you first before searching the internet for a company they know nothing about.

Selecting the Best HVAC Service Labels

Knowing why you want an HVAC Service sticker is only the beginning. The best HVAC service labels stand out, build brand recognition, and ensure your customer calls you first. When buying HVAC service labels, you want to focus on two things, design and material.

Sticker Designs

Your HVAC service sticker should feature your logo and brand prominently with simple, clear contact information. Too much information in a small space and people won’t bother to read it at all. Too little, and you leave the customer wondering what message you are trying to convey. When you use a clean, crisp design with alternating font styles and sizes to draw the eye, you help focus attention on the information you want to convey.

In addition to alternating font sizes and styles, Core Air's Chrome Weatherproof Label blends design and repetition to ensure customers remember their website.

When you need additional information on a sticker, keep it concise. Your logo and contact information should always be the focus, but sometimes you want to make sure your customers know what services you offer. If you installed an AC unit, your customer should know they can call you for repairs as well. If you repaired a unit, you want them to know you handle installs if they need a new one to replace it.

  K&K Heating & Cooling advertise their services on attractive, eye catching stickers.
The alternating backgrounds contain imagery that correlate to hot and cold for perfect seasonal placement while enhancing familiarity – when you see the logo again on a different background, you feel as though you have seen it somewhere before.

Selecting Materials

Once you have an eye-catching logo and ideal design, you want to make sure that your sticker is durable. Most of the time, you will display your HVAC service stickers outdoors. They should be weatherproof and stand up to the elements. Permanent vinyl stickers stand up to heat, cold, wind, and rain, making them ideal for outdoor use. Vinyl stickers protected with a UV coating will last 1-2 years in outdoor conditions. For stickers that you plan to rotate regularly, such as the above seasonal service stickers, these are an affordable option. If you want a durable sticker that will last in all weather conditions, Extended Life weatherproof labels are ideal. These stickers go through a special process where UV ink is applied to weatherproof vinyl. The result is a weatherproof sticker that lasts 3-5 years. Because they last so long and hold up through extreme weather conditions, Extended Life stickers are the best HVAC service labels for commercial HVAC units.

Minimize the Red

When it comes to withstanding UV rays, all colors are not created equal. Both UV coating and UV Ink processes will extend the life of stickers and your design, but some colors last longer than others. For best results when buying HVAC service labels, avoid reds as much as possible. If you have to use red for brand recognition, extend the life of your sticker by minimizing how much you use and balance it out with other, more durable colors.

Writable Stickers

Some stickers are for more than display. Sometimes, you want an easy way to catalog service information on units. Knowing when the last service was performed and important notes helps you and the homeowner keep track of the unit’s performance.

Furnace Stickers are the most common type of HVAC sticker that requires a writable material.

When you need a writable HVAC sticker, you want to balance durability and utility. When placing stickers on units in indoor locations, Gloss Paper is an ideal substrate. Durable and affordable, the gloss surface stands up to repeated cleanings while allowing your technicians to use any kind of writing instrument. If you need to record maintenance on units exposed to the elements, you need a more durable material than paper. Matte UV Vinyl weatherproof sticker is ideal. Lasting 1-2 years, It stands up to cleaning and the elements while allowing your technicians to use any kind of pen to write.

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