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The HVAC business is a huge industry, and it continues to grow larger every year.  The data provided by Statista magazine says, " In 2009, the revenue of heating & air conditioning in the U.S. ranged at about 58 billion U.S. dollars." And according to IBIS World magazine," Over the past five years, the Heating & Air-Conditioning Contractors in the US industry has grown by 2.9% to reach revenue of $96bn in 2019." 


This is an enormous amount of money spent every year by home and business owners. Is your company doing everything possible to ensure you are getting your fair share of this profit?


The most profitable companies have grown from the good impressions they leave with their customers.


What kind of impression does your HVAC company leave behind? Professional HVAC forms are essential to making a great first impression with your customers and key to having a successful HVAC company. When you leave a personalized HVAC form with your customer, you are literally leaving a lasting impression.


The HVAC profession is a one-of-a-kind industry because of the many different elements and components that make up today's HVAC equipment. And a unique industry like this requires unique forms.


What are some of the HVAC forms you need to use to ensure that your company will succeed?


HVAC Maintenance Agreement Forms.

The most successful HVAC contractors in this industry know that having multiple yearly maintenance agreements is the best way to ensure ongoing business. It automatically creates repeat customers. When you sell a homeowner or a business a regular maintenance contract - you create a customer for life. An HVAC Maintenance Agreement Form that is detailed, high-quality and professional will help you close that long-term sale, leading to a more successful company in the long run.


Consider Peaden Air Conditioning in Panama City, Florida. They started selling maintenance contracts in 1984, and by 2015 they had over 15,000 HVAC maintenance contracts. Now in 2019, they have grown to a revenue of almost $20 million. Once customers used their services, they migrated them to a contract - and kept them. I can guarantee that they would not have been able to have that type of growth without providing highly professional HVAC Maintenance Agreement Forms to each of their customers.


HVAC Tune-Up Checklist.

The tune-up checklist form can either be combined with the HVAC Maintenance Agreement Form, or it can be a stand-alone form. Whichever way you present it to the customer, the quality of this form is absolutely something that shouldn't be overlooked. A highly detailed HVAC Tune-Up Checklist form makes your company look thorough and professional. It will leave the customer feeling confident when they see that you've addressed every component of their unit. And we all know how important it is to leave the customer satisfied that their system is up to par.


HVAC System Proposal Form.

The HVAC System Proposal Form can help you bring in the big bucks. When you are out on a job, and you see that the unit will need to be replaced soon, you can bring up the subject of a replacement system. Or if someone is already in the market for a new unit and they call you for an estimate, you will be ready to offer them a professional and detailed quote.  These are the times when you will want the professional looking HVAC System Proposal Form on hand with your company name and information on it. Then when the time comes for the customer to replace their unit, they will have your quote on a clear and concise proposal form which will stand out from the others.  Our HVAC System Proposal Forms allow you to offer three different HVAC systems to your customer. When customers have choices in selecting their new unit, they are more likely to choose a higher priced option.


HVAC Purchase Order. 

Professional HVAC Purchase Order forms are often dismissed as insignificant, but they should not be. A clear and easy to read purchase order form simplifies ordering parts from your supplier while at the same time it helps protect you from fulfillment errors. While using a purchase order might seem trivial, it will save you time and money in the long run. Purchase orders also help to efficiently manage your business expense records and ensure that your company stays within its budget. Our professional forms will even help build better working relationships with your vendors.


An HVAC Invoice.

An HVAC invoice is the most vital form in the business because it's how we get paid. And a well-designed and printed invoice leaves an excellent impact on your customers.



There are key elements that an HVAC Invoice should include.

1. The word INVOICE needs to be on top of the form. This may seem obvious to you, but it easily identifies it as an invoice so it won’t get mistaken for a quote or another form. And everybody knows that if it says invoice, it means it needs to be paid.


2. The invoice needs to have your business name, contact information, and license #. When there are more HVAC needs down the road, the customer can look in their records and quickly find your contact information. Also, many HVAC installations or upgrades are eligible for a tax write-off, so home and business owners will save your invoice in their permanent files. And you want your customers to become familiar with your company's name. 


3. The invoice needs to have an area where you can record the make, model and the serial number of the customer’s HVAC unit. This information will come in handy when they call you for repeat service, saving you time and money.


4. Make sure the invoice has a clear area for a signature. A signed invoice will assure that there is no dispute down the road about any charges. Once it is read and signed by the customer, it practically makes it a legal document. By signing the invoice, they are agreeing that the work was completed and that they owe the amount shown.


5. And finally, the invoice must include the customer's name and other relevant information. Their phone number, address, email address, and job location should be listed. This information will also help you with your record keeping back at the office.


Other important information you want your invoices to contain:

Detailed cost breakdown including a description of the work performed.

Materials used along with their prices.

The technician's name and hours of labor spent on the job.

Mileage, if you charge for long distance drives.

Date the invoice was issued.

Method of payment.

Warranty information for work performed.

Any recommendations you have for them.


The invoice is one of the most important forms your company will use. If you were to give a customer a vague invoice, they might not feel very confident that they are getting what they paid for. Not to mention, when you present a clearly written itemized invoice at the finish of the job you will most likely get paid on the spot. This saves you from having to collect a debt later on. That's a perk anyone in the industry can appreciate.


Having well-made HVAC forms could make the difference between a one-time customer and a lifetime customer. They also make filing and organizing at the office more manageable. And everyone knows a well-organized business is a more productive and efficient business.


Here at Value Printing, we will help your company grow by providing you with high-quality and professional-looking HVAC forms. We take the difficulty out of having to create your own forms with our premium detailed HVAC forms. Our professional carbonless forms come in 2 or 3 parts and include all the necessary components to assure that your customers are impressed with your company.


In 2019, it is more important than ever to stand out from the rest of the industry. The HVAC forms that you use to communicate with your customers are one of the key tools for distinguishing yourself. And we can promise you will not be disappointed in the way our superior HVAC forms will help your business to achieve its growth goals. 

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